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Bộ lọc nguồn Điện Nordost QRT Qx2 
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Bộ lọc nguồn Điện Nordost QRT Qx2

Thông số kỹ thuật:
•Fully manufactured in the USA
•Field based power purifier with two field generators
•Parallel operation ensures no compromise to the peak current
capabilities of the power supply nor grounding integrity
•Limits RFI and timing errors
•Lower noise floor and greater dynamic range
•One outlet design makes matching the QB distribution bar to it a
great combination

The Qx2 unit contains a pair of QRT field generators in a specially designed, mechanically inert casework. Fed by a standard 15A IEC input, it is available with a US, Schuko or UK type AC outlet. It does not limit peak voltage swing or alter the power supply impedance and is capable of passing sufficient current to supply an entire system. The Qx2 can be used individually, between the wall socket and your power strip, or within the system itself to feed an individual component. It is particularly effective used in this role in conjunction with a Qx4 feeding the system as a whole.


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