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Bộ lọc nguồn Điện Nordost QRT Qx4 
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Bộ lọc nguồn Điện Nordost QRT Qx4

Thông số kỹ thuật:

•Fully manufactured in the USA
•Field based power purifier with four field generators
•Parallel operation ensures no compromise to the peak current
capabilities of the power supply nor grounding integrity
•Limits RFI and timing errors
•Lower noise floor and greater dynamic range
•One outlet design makes matching the QB distribution bar to it a
great combination

The Qx4 employs the same high quality machined casework and socket options (15A IEC input, US, Schuko or UK AC output) as the Qx2, but is twice as powerful, containing four QRT field generator modules. Also like the Qx2, it does not limit voltage swing or reduce the impedance of the AC supply. Qx4 is ideally used either individually to feed a complete system, or in multiple arrays in the most demanding applications. Adding additional units in a carefully considered way will produce even greater Quantum effects, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

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